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"I quite like you, you know."

Hinata Hideki. Boys dorm M-2. Junior.
A part of SoF.

— Senpai-nyan!


Her one hand that was strumming the strings dropped. Hinata definitely committed a foul on the girl, insulting her body like that. Of course she was angry… actually, fuming. What’s more, the students that stopped to listen were all watching now, hoping to have something to gossip about for lunch probably. 

“KOORRAAA! Yui-nyan is not flat!” She placed her hand on her chest just to create a point. “And how would senpai know that anyway!” Oh, she was definitely implying something. What better to get back at the boy than to embarrass him in front of some students? As if she didn’t do so earlier. 

“NOW SENPAI WILL HAVE TO LISTEN! SEE?” Again, she tapped her chest. “Yui-nyan is not flat! Senpai is just blind!” This could have gone worse. She could have tackled him or threw a chair at him or something, but then she remembered that she’s not in the afterlife anymore, and any injuries she’d cause could be vital. Yui was already really lucky to meet Hinata again after all these years, so she didn’t want to lose the chance of seeing him again in another six billion odds. She is, after all, really lucky now. 

She was a firecracker wasn’t she? He’d hit her button and now she was flaring up, something he was completely used to. Nevertheless Hinata egged her on not really caring if the other students watched on. She needs to learn a lesson on respecting her upper classmen!

"Oi, yes yes you’re right! Clearly I’m an idiot who can’t tell the difference between a large chest and a small one!" Hinata gestured with his hands, clearly making a curvy figure. "Please, I’ve seen bigger knockers than that!" He pointed to her chest dramatically.

This was probably a good time to run, Hinata.

— Senpai-nyan!


Yui suspiciously watched him twist the knobs. Hinata couldn’t have known how to tune a guitar, right? She was doubting that he was doing the right thing, but the moment the guitar was strummed, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. 

It was in tune. It was tuned by Hinata. How did he even know how to tune a guitar?

“Eh…? How does senpai know how to strum a guitar?” Before he could answer, she started playing the tune of ‘Crow Song’. Yui was extremely overjoyed, and looked as if Hinata knowing about instruments wasn’t important at all. She stopped midway, and looked at Hinata with an expression of… selfishness?

“Ne, ne, senpai doesn’t even deserve to here Yui-nyan’s music~!” Hinata tuned it, so he had all rights to listen, but the girl thought otherwise. It was really just in her personality to be rude to people she knows, especially Hinata. Some people may have thought that it was nothing more but her trying to look cute, but really, Yui just had it in her personality. 

He sighed. Hinata owed learning how to tune a guitar to Iwasawa and Hisako, back when they first started Dead Girls Monster. It wasn’t quite that hard really.

The tune of ‘Crow Song’ filled the room and Hinata couldn’t help but notice that some of the students stopped in front of the door to listen. Sitting on one of the chairs nearby, the blue haired boy closed his eyes and continued to listen to her play. It was these small moments that made boy blissfully happy.

Until Yui decided to open her mouth and taunt him. He glared at her, clearly the pinkette wasn’t grateful!

"Oh is that so?" Fine, fine. I didn’t want to listen to a flat chested girl sing anyways!" 

— Senpai-nyan!


The girl noticed the boy’s face turn a little cherry. She wondered why, but shrugged it off as it wasn’t really concerning her. Then, Hinata grabbed her by the arm and brought her inside the school building, fleeing from the crowd. 

“Ne, ne, where are you taking me?” She wondered, which only made some more students’ thoughts fly off. Makes you wonder what these kids are thinking these days, huh? Those little perverts. Of course, Hinata may have just been deeemed a pervert just because of Yui’s little blunder with the whole thing. Oh well. 

“Oh yeah! Why was senpai blushing ju-” Her attention was immediately taken by the open door of the music room, spotting the same Gibson guitar she used in the after life. Her eyes sparkled, and for no reason at all pushing Hinata off and rushing towards it. She held it with passion in her eyes, as if holding her very own child. She strummed it, but noticed that it was out of tune. 

“Aww…” Her jolly expression faltered, as she put the guitar back in its stand. The sad part about her little music career was that she always had someone in her band tune the guitar because the pinkette could never manage to do it. 

“Oh, but it’s still so wonderful! If only I could find someone to tune it…!” Even after all those emotions in finding a single guitar, her lonely expression turned into one of fascination and excitement. 

Ignoring the pink haired girl’s question, Hinata kept his face straight, an attempt to cool his red tinted cheeks down. Honestly now, he wanted to run into a wall for even blushing! It was something he didn’t do often, which infuriated him. And just as Yui asked him what could have been an embarrassing situation, the hyper girl suddenly bolted into the music. Hinata rolled his eyes (yet grateful that she was now focused on something else) and followed her behind.

The way she got all excited over a guitar and how she held it was certainly interesting to him. Her expression was quite lovely too and he could tell she was genuinely passionate about music. He couldn’t help but smile along with her too.

Without thinking, Hinata strolled up to Yui and took the guitar, then turned the small knobs on the guitar. He made sure they weren’t too tight or loose and strummed the strings to hear if they were in tune. Smiling to himself, Hinata handed back the guitar to Yui. “There you go!”

— Senpai-nyan!


The loud voices coming from the pair attracted attention. The mentions of sexual education from these two voices definitely attracted way more. The eyes of many were fixated on the two, as they argued about something that shouldn’t be argued in public… Of course, it could only go so wrong for Hinata… especially with his completely wrong choice of words to say. 

Now many people, some with disgusted looks, were on the blue head. What he said was so wrong that it could only be taken against him. It was somehow Yui’s fault as well though, for being ignorant about the subject, eventually leading to bringing down the boy’s reputation in front of strangers that he’ll definitely see every day. First impressions last, after all. 

Of course, Yui again gave the sort of reaction that would give out the wrong impression. She was delighted. Happy. The girl didn’t want to look stupid in front of the whole class if she can’t answer some questions. 

“Then I look forward to your lessons, senpai!” She crossed her arms, confident and motivated. 

He felt them. The stares from his other peers, how it practically bore through his head. Well not literally, but Hinata could feel them judging him for the misuse of words. He inwardly groaned to himself and covered his face in shame. Oh how terrible! To have his reputation tainted by something so silly. The petite girl didn’t make it much easier on him either. He received more stares as Yui practically declared herself to him. Hinata turned a slight shade of red.

Idiots. We’re both idiots.

Trying to avoid any further embarrassment, Hinata grabbed Yui by the arm and led her away from the gaping students. 

— Senpai-nyan!


“Senpai knows what Sexual Education is then?” The girl’s face actually beamed, all the more making her look perverted when she really had no idea what the concept of ‘sex’ is. She knew that that’s how children are created, but the process itself was unknown to her. There’s reality in public channels on television, but something to take note of is the fact that it’s censored to an extent. 

“Well even Senpai should know something~!” Now she was back to rudely insulting him by indirectly calling Hinata stupid. Of course, this was only the start of a bigger argument, or a way of Yui to grab some information on the subject because she’ll probably have to know how to explain it during class. 

“Senpai should tell me more about this~! But then knowing senpai, he probably wouldn’t be able to teach Yui-nyan properly.”

"And you don’t know what it is?" The strange look on Yui’s face terrified Hinata, if even for a bit. Was she really such a prude girl? Of course Hinata knew pretty much the basics of sex, if it wasn’t for his teammates telling him all these facts (much to his dismay). 

"Hey I know quite a lot about this subject!!!! BUT IT’S NOT SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT TO IN FRONT OF THESE PEOPLE!!" This subject was getting him rather flustered! Sure he may look like the pervert type at times but it definitely didn’t mean he was this kind of guy.   

But then she said it….teach her properly? This infuriated him. She was calling him stupid wasn’t she? He wasn’t stupid!…or well he was but that was beside the point! 

"IDIOT! I CAN GIVE YOU SOME LESSONS RIGHT NOW!" and he realized it too late, the words that came out of his mouth sounded completely wrong.

— Senpai-nyan!


“What’s that supposed to mean?” She pouted, feeling as if Hinata was once again trying to tease insult her, even if she knew that it was nothing more but a tease. Still, this boy was easy to tease as well. And it’s never a dull moment when they argue about the most stupid things like before. 

“Hey, what class do you have next? Maybe I can walk you over there.”

“What class…?” Yui thought about it then remembered that she signed up for random classes and ones that sounded cool but has no idea what it’s about. Fishing through her pockets, her eyes rolling up a bit in the process, she picks up a plastic card and skims through it. It was, no doubt, her schedule card. The short break was almost over, and Yui had to attend at a class today seeing as she has not attended any of them. 

“Oh… Oh! It’s this class called ‘Sexual Education’, senpai!” This was chosen randomly, plus, Yui doesn’t know much about it. She was paralytic, so even the hope of having and raising a child was taken away from her in an instant. Plus, she was a bit excited since she couldn’t attend school a lot either, hence her not knowing a lot of it other than what she sees on television. 

"Oh nothing!" He said rather teasingly. Hinata would always be amused with their banter as painful as it got once they actually started fighting. He didn’t mind at all though, he’d feel strange if they didn’t bicker once in awhile.

Sexual education? He looked at her rather curiously. “Now why would you want to take that class?” Could it be? Was she….into that stuff?! Hinata made a face. She seemed to innocent, despite her accessories, to be interested in that!

"Oi, oi! I didn’t know you were into that stuff! Course I should have seen it coming…"

— Senpai-nyan!


“Yes! I did join some clubs! I’m part of the Music Club! Oh! I even joined the Soccer Team!” Now she was starting to remember that epic one-on-five baseball game against the boys and beat them ‘by herself’. Ah, it was one of those things that gave her a confidence boost. 

“Ne, I didn’t know senpai plays games though.” Well, she definitely didn’t know that. Hinata looked like any other ordinary student, but then again… he looked like one of those people that would stay up on the computer playing such games. She’s actually imagining the bluenette sitting in front of a computer late at night, hair messed up, and rapidly typing on the keyboard. 

Yui wasn’t really interested in that, though. In her past life, she couldn’t even hold a glass of water much less operate a computer. Yep. She was a TV girl, alright. 

"Ah that’s right! Music is your forte isn’t it?" He remembered how much she loved to sing and how ecstatic she was to take the role of lead singer for Dead Girls Monster. And the soccer team? He smiled to himself at those memories despite how silly they may have been.

"Eh, yeah I don’t look like the type huh? But then again, you don’t look like the type to sing either!"  He started to laugh not really worrying if Yui would hit him or not. Finally he looked around the campus and noticed the students hurrying up to their next class.

"Hey, what class do you have next? Maybe I can walk you over there."

— Gym class: I gotta look for a partner?


Bart nods his head, a smile spreading on his face.  Well he didn’t seem that bad at atleast.  Maybe he was good at gym?  Maybe…Oh god what if he wasn’t.  Oh well.  HE probably was.

“Nice to meet you!! I’m Bart Allen!”  He looks around a bit, rubbing at eh bottom of his nose a bit. “So..Partner..what do we do next?”  He was just a bit unsure of what to do welp

"Well first things first, we should tell the teacher!" He laughed nervously. "Though I suppose one of us should tell him….he seems a bit er, scary you know." Not like Hinata was scared…all right he was but he knew that he should tell the teacher soon.

"All right, I’ll go tell him while you warm up!" And with that, Hinata was off in a jiffy.

(Source: track-zero)

"I wonder if this whole mpreg business is going to make it in the schools paper?"

— Gym class: I gotta look for a partner?


Bart looked at the boy who just—announced they were partners? OH that’s cool.  He shrugs his shoulders.  Cool.  Now he didn’t have to look for anyone. 

“Okay that’s cool.  I can totally dig that.”  Sure he looked a bit—well…oh what was that word again? Meh he will think about it later.  He glances around, then looks back at his newly antiquated partner.  He scratches at his head, looking a bit confused.

“Okay..so who are you partner?”

So just he agreed to it just like that? No punching, complaining or anything. This kid’s pretty neat. Plus he looked like the athletic type which was pretty awesome if you asked him.

"Ah where are my manners? The name’s Hinata Hideki! And your’s?"  

(Source: track-zero)